Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Caesars

Ah K-Mart, that stalwart of cheap retail goods. If you've been to the Marshalltown K-Mart in the last decade, you'll know it's usually empty and slightly rundown. Most shoppers have abandoned it for Wal-Mart. However this K-Mart has something Wally World does not. A Little Caesars pizza station. Who wouldn't want to eat at the same place they buy underwear?

The Looks
Nothing says fine dinning like the inside of an old K-Mart. It certainly feels strange (or good?) eating your lunch/dinner while watching women shop for cloths. There are tables and booths in the cordoned off eating area, and chances are they won't be clean. If you come around lunch time, expect high-school kids.

The Cost
The cheapest carryout pizza you'll get in town, a large, 1 topping goes for the paltry amount of just $5. Although most people will spring for the $5 - 1 topping pie, additional toppings are cheap, and so are the sides. So much food for so little money, they know what a hungry man wants.

The Grub
Not the worlds best pizza but not the worst. A hungry man will certainly leave satisfied. Other highlights include the famous crazy bread which drips and oozes with delicious grease. Thumbs down for making us purchase the dipping sauce. And of course this Little Caesars is integrated with the standard K-Mart snack bar, so there are Icee frozen treats, popcorn, etc.

Little Caesars
1720 S Center Street, Marshalltown, IA 50158
(641) 753-3270

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