Wednesday, October 3, 2007

El Portal

Tucked in next to Kmart in a weird pseudo-mall is the Mexican restaurant El Portal. It seems this place is always busy during lunch. Let's see if the food justifies the crowds.

The Looks
Typical lame Mexican decorations. Tables and chairs are simple, and the booths are uncomfortably small. And they pack people in. Not an obese-friendly atmosphere. But the service is fast. And if they can bring me food fast, all else is forgiven.

The Cost
They have lunch specials around $5 and any possible combination of burritos, enchiladas, quesadilla, fajitas, etc. for 6 or 7 American pesos. They have some expensive items on the menu, but in general, most selections seem to be an excellent value.

The Grub
Exact same menu and food as wonderful, La Carreta, on old highway 30. That means excellent all you can eat chips and salsa. I had the lunch chalupa. What's the difference between a chalupa and a soft shell taco or an enchiladas? Don't know, Don't care. It was delicious.

El Portal
1716 South Center Street, 641-752-0011