Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Legends American Grill

Anticipation. This place has been under construction for almost an entire year. It promises to be the new Marshalltown mecca for the gluttonous gorging horde. Does it stand a chance of living up to the hype?

The Looks
The place is essentially divided into 2 parts, a cozy dinning room area with a fireplace, and a flat screen TV infested sports bar. Everything is quite nice, brand new and tastefully decorated. Did I mention all the TVs? This is definably the place to watch your fav sporting event in Marshalltown. And there is a large patio to enjoy the temperate Iowa weather.

The Cost
A little on the pricey end of the spectrum. You'll not be able to get out of the building for under $10, even for lunch. However the portions are certainly large enough to satisfy most obese Americans (yours truly excluded). Worth mentioning are several reports that the service is sub-par.

The Grub
An excellent selection, you're sure to find something that you like. All the usual suspects appear here, including gut buster salads, deep-fat-fried-anything appetizers, Burgers with hokey toppings, sandwiches, pasta, steak and seafood. They make a big deal out of their "Legendary Ribs". Get it? So far the items I've tried (buffalo chicken sandwich and turkey cheddar melt) have been somewhat bland. But there's bound to be some gems on this mammoth menu. Also the massive bar has more different types of beer on tap then anywhere else I know in town.

Legends American Grill
2902 South Center Street, 641-752-1237
Lunch, Dinner

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Scott said...

On one visit, the waitress messed up my bill ... charging me twice, then asked me when I complained about it, "Do you want me to go get the manager?" ... as if I might actually think it was ok to charge me double.

Oh, this broad was missing about 4 teeth, up front too. How am I supposed to know that some slobber didn't filter it's way onto my food as she hovered over it in the kitchen? Unless of course, she held back the juices with her tongue... who knows.

On another visit, my wife and I got a very waiter who was courteous and helpful. The food was very good.

Both times, I've been seated in the TV-infested "bar" area. My only complaint is that you cannot change the channel at your table. My wife and I were forced to watch some high-ranking college football team battle it out with another high-ranking team. Meanwhile, a big TV above the fireplace was showing how to properly bait-and-catch the elusive large-mouth bass, while trolling along some no-named river in backwoods Kentucky.